HOF’er Greg Maddux pranks Cubs Kris Bryant

It seemed like a normal commercial shoot for Red Bull for the Cubs third baseman / outfielder Kris Bryant.

Bryant takes some batting practice but before they can finish filming, the college player throwing batting practice gets a call from his coach to go run study hall.

Luckily, the scruffy, bearded sound guy volunteers to fill in. Bryant is reluctant, but the sound guy assures him it will be ok, as he throws to his little league team.

Then the hilarity begins.

“The sound guy’s got a good curve ball,” says Bryant.

At the end of batting practice, the sound guy asks to have Bryant’s bat personally autographed.

“Kris — You sign that to Greg Maddux…” says the sound guy.

“Ok…I’m completely surprised…You guys got me” … Bryant responds after realizing he had been pranked.

Bryant then asks Maddux if he still wants his bat, to which Maddux replies .. “No…”

You can watch the video here :