Runner Aengus Meldon stopped by “Spider Man”

Runner Aengus Meldon of the National University of Ireland Galway was all set to win the 800 meter preliminary at the Irish University Indoor Championship, but was caught — by a giant rubber band.

The rubber band was being used as a warm up bar for the pole vaulters on the infield. As a pole vaulter practiced, the pole hooked the warm up bar which snapped, flew, and became entangled with Meldon as he rounded the final turn.

To Meldon’s credit, he finished the race, trying desperately to untangle himself from the bungee cord, as he waddled to the finish line.

The unbelievable timing of events had to be orchestrated…By Spider Man!

“He was tied up like Spider Man through something at him; Spider Man attacked him” according to the announcer.

Despite the outside interference by Spider Man, Meldon did advance, but he finished 8th out of 9 runners in the finals.

Here is the video :