Lettuce to the Chairman

Ever since there has been SIN, there has been PO Box 3.14159, located in London but with letters sent to our Truro offices, of which many letters have been sent to the care of SIN’s Chairman, the man at the head of it all. Here are just some of the worse and funnier letters (note: not mutually exclusive) that our Chairman has recieved since we started…

From: “World Prosthelytizers International”

Subject: STOP! [datestamp: 5th August 2016; 20:53 BST]

Because of the name of your corporation, WPI urges that you change it immediately, or else face severe punishment beyond your grasp! You have been warned by over 1 million believers…

From: “David Smith”

Subject: Rule 40 [datestamp: 6th August 2016; 09:15 BST]

My name is David Smith, of PRAT Media (People Raging Against The Media). We launched on the 1st of August, inspired by recent events, and we are a group of people whose main intent is to run all media companies out of existence and replace them with people-run, ultra-communist local news companies. I am here today on behalf of PRAT Media to inform you that you have been infringing Rule 40 of the Charter of the organisation which runs the biggest sports event on Earth, which prohibits corporate reference to the event. Because of your infringement, we have organised a lawsuit for tomorrow in Truro. We shall use the British Law system first, and then (if our appeals fail) to the TAS-CAS sports court in Lausanne, Switzerland. We will fight all the way, so be prepared with your team of lawyers… Bye.

From: “David Smith”

Subject: Lawsuit [datestamp: 6th August 2016; 18:29 BST]

This is still David Smith of PRAT Media. After the withdrawal of the Rule 40 Twitterbot, and due to serious considerations about your company’s age, after some long and hard thinking, we have decided to withdraw the lawsuit we proposed against you. This means that you will not be sued. We shall find other companies to pick on for other reasons — but watch out…

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