SIN announcement concerning the world’s largest quadriennial sporting event being held in the biggest city in Brazil in the current year (TOWSETBBC)

An announcement by the Tweeter-in-Chief and Executive Board of SIN about our coverage of Brazil’s second major quadriennial sporting event in the past few years

2nd UPDATE (18:47 BST; 14:47 BBCT): PRAT Media has decided to suspend (see third letter, written by David Smith) their proposed lawsuit against us. Whilst we are pleased at this decision, we also have a team of top-notch lawyers ready to fight any future battles about PRAT Media and others that there may be. That is all.

1st UPDATE (17:46 BST; 13:46 Brazil’s Biggest City Time/BBCT): The “Official_Rule40” Twitterbot has now been suspended from Twitter. Meanwhile, we await a statement from PRAT Media to be put into Lettuce to the Chairman at about 18:30 BST (14:30 BBCT), and we will respond to it within 30 minutes.

PREVIOUSLY: SIN are unabashedly a non-approved sponsor for That Once-Every-4-Years Worldwide Sporting Event Thingy in Brazil’s Biggest City (hereinafter TOWSETBBC). This means we get a neutral and yet inherently funny look into everything. However, as of late, a Twitter account running under the handle “Official_Rule40” has been telling people off for falling foul of the Rule. Despite SIN not being told off yet, we have recieved an even bigger surprise — a conglomerate of people known as People Raging Against The Media (PRAT Media) has threatened us for our TOWSETBBC Opening Ceremony coverage on Twitter.

PRAT Media have already sent a letter to us about it (see “Lettuce to the Chairman”, which should be put up on our site very soon), but SIN will use all their might to fight back against PRAT Media’s threats. It appears that PRAT Media happens to have been set up a few days before we have. They are affiliated neither with the International TOWSET Committee nor with the Rule 40 Twitterbot Thingy, but are little more than a group of disgruntled citizens. SIN’s top team of lawyers will fight PRAT Media back, and a hearing has been scheduled for the 7th of the month. We shall update you about SIN vs PRAT Media then. Until them, we shall carry on bringing you top-quality and humourous reports from TOWSETBBC and other sporting events worldwide.