TEASER: UPDATED: Olympic Committee votes against measure that would have ANNULLED results before the Opening Ceremony

Just 35 minutes before the Opening Ceremony, the Olympic Committee votes to reject an annulment measure, meaning that all Olympic results from before the Opening Ceremony itself will still be counted.

UPDATE (23:24 BST; 19:24 Rio Time): The Olympic Committee has voted 53–46 against the motion to annul the Olympic results so far, as the Opening Ceremony closes in. This means that all Olympic results from before the Opening Ceremony will indeed be kept, and all results for the Olympics will be counted (rather than just those after the ceremony).

PREVIOUSLY: As the Olympic Committee meets at 22:45 BST (18:45 Rio Time) tonight, they will debate whether to allow the results of all previous Olympic events in Rio so far. The latest opinion polls of the Committee by renowned pollsters WhoMeGuv? show a narrow margin against the measure, about 52% to 48%. Nigel Farage was too busy with the UKIP leadership contest and his hobbies to offer any comment on the poll.

Proposer Park Di Bus of South Korea claims that the Opening Ceremony has not yet been held and so all previous results should either be cancelled, go towards the 2012 Olympic results or be replayed in full, asking “Why are we holding Olympic events before we open the Olympics if we’re not meant to do so?”. However, opponent William Great of Ireland argues that the Opening Ceremony is “merely symbolic… in all honesty, absolutely not worth cancelling other Olympic events for!”.

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