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What are the Most Exciting Use Cases for Blockchain Today?

To date Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology was understood and implemented by a minority of people and industries. Today they are recognised as truly revolutionary, with many experts and researchers expecting them to disrupt all traditional industries worldwide.

Given that blockchain is a wholly-digital ledger where information or transactions are recorded with the implementation of cryptography, its benefits can be applied to a wide range of use cases. Most notably, it is the technological backbone of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, these two concepts often go hand-in-hand.

Used independently the Blockchain…

Taking a closer look at the basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Technological disruption occurs every day. Startups are often the first to initiate chains of disruption by utilizing modern technologies for business applications in order to gain an edge in shaping the future. Among today’s most promising and revolutionary technologies is blockchain technology. Along with cryptocurrency, it is among the most widely discussed topic around the world.

“By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet,” Blockgeeks explains. Although it is often associated with cryptocurrency, it is also…

Bitcoin cash machines are abuzz around the world but Germany will have to wait

Bitcoin ATMs have been highly successful in countries across the Atlantic, particularly the United States and Canada. In fact, more than 75% of all currently operating Bitcoin ATMs are in North America. Nevertheless, Bitcoin ATMs have also reached European shores in countries like the UK, Austria, Ukraine, and Switzerland. But this begs the question: why has Germany, one of the most powerful economies in the world, not partaken in this new development as of yet?

Several factors may contribute to the current lack of operating Bitcoin…


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