Vir Das: actor-comedian

Vir Das has that talent with which he leaves the audience ROFL by his sparkling comic performance. He is the first Indian to have his Netflix comedy special and share the same platform as does the global performers like Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Chris Tucker, Bo Burnham, Bill Burr and Russell Peters do.

Vir Das is in Montreal and performing at Zoofest, which is a part of Just for Laugh, International Comedy Festival. So, yesterday, we went to see his show at Katacombes, Montreal. And no doubt his act can touch the humor cord of your brain that brings great laughters!!!

He has the courage and intelligence to joke about controversial and sensitive topics of India. For example, most of us, living abroad don’t know that apart from many good things, India is also famous for bad things like dirty politics, false religious claims & teachings, stereotype & double standard mentality and so on…list is long and you have to probably live in India for couple years to experience all this. But Vir Das, he picks a topic, adds a logic and hit it hard with his comic style…amazing isn’t it?

Nevertheless his satire and logic on the topics that he includes in his shows will leave you question yourself, “What the F***? This logic never crossed my mind!!!”. And being an Indian, I was exactly able to understand what is he talking all about. And there you go bursting out with laughter.

Just by thinking of the topics like pleasure of having a separate room when you are 16, cranberry sauce (oh boy), tower of Kuala Lumpur and beautiful America, teasy female clothing, Indian funerals, etc. that he included yesterday refreshes the brain. OMG that was simply awesome!

We must say that he can tackle topics like politics, religion, food & sex by his act very smartly. Vir Das, big kudos to you.

India is pride to have such a great stand-up Comedian!

Team SpotEv wishes you great success ahead! Stay tuned to SpotEv to know more about cultural events.

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