Budget inspiration | Celebrity outfits less than €100

Hi Spotters,

Celebrities are known to wear the most beautiful yet expensive outfits. Unfortunately not everybody can spend an entire salary on one piece of clothing. But hey, hang in there! You can still afford a look inspired by you favorite fashion idols. We went on a hunt to find similar outfits on a budget for Queen B, Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling!

Click on the pictures to discover a similar and affordable option for every item!


An outfit almost identical as Beyoncé’s but for less money? A real bargain, if you ask us! We’ll break down her outfit toe to head. Get a similar pair of these yellow and soft high heels for only €30,95. Next up, a pair of jeans doesn’t have to be expensive in order to look good. Want your legs to look as flawless as Beyoncé? Put on this €24.89 pair by Berschka! Combine the shoes, the jeans and a similar white top by H&M (only €4.51) and this outfit is almost complete. The only thing that’s missing is the white coat by Burberry (€1120!). No worries, if you pick this jacket by Berschka, you’ll look just as fabulous!

There you go, shop this complete look for only €98,52!


A monochromatic black outfit like Taylor Swift’s one is perfect to wear on a casual day. Is it possible to recreate this look for less than €100? Let’s find out! The original jacket ($1256.5 by J Brand) is way beyond our budget, but this one by New Look is available for only €34. Same for the boots: Taylor paid roughly $430 and you will only pay €40.50 at H&M. What a bargain! Especially if you also go for the skirt (€9.99) and the thights (€5.41). That brings the total look at €89.90!

Of course we can’t give you a cheaper version of the Starbucks latte, but with the money you saved on the outfit, you can splurge a bit on that!


For the guys among us, there’s a similar look to this outfit of Ryan Gosling as well! Without any doubt you’ll look as hot as Ryan for less than €100. And to every women reading this, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise your boyfriend with a Ryan Gosling-ish outfit.

Ryan is wearing a checkered shirt in black and red. You can find a similar one in the H&M store for €19,99! Ryan’s shoes are worth more than €200, but you can find equal beautiful lace-up boots for only €32.50. A similar grey straight leg jeans is available for €17.84. Last but not least, we found a longsleeve shirt for €10,95. There you go, a casual but hot outfit like Ryan Gosling for only €81.28!

Which look-for-less was your favorite one? Let us know!



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