SpotyTube = Spotify for Videos?

“ Bob Marley — One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain ”
SpotyTube ❤️ Music
Everybody loves music!
That’s 7 billion people here on earth who listen to music, because it heals one’s soul, connect people together and make peace on earth. Which is why we think the earth can keep it’s balance and not fall off the cliff of Universe?

SpotyTube helps you discover music that’s trending, viral & topping charts across the Globe!

What makes SpotyTube different from anyone else out there is the most accurate music content it provides. It curate playlist based on music data from the most reliable sources like Spotify, Billboard, YouTube etc. So it’s guaranteed your playlist and charts are always up to date!

Why SpotyTube?

  • It’s Free
  • No Ads
  • Accurate, up-to date music content always

How does it work?


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Artist, Chart, Genre

Where can I get SpotyTube?

You can download SpotyTube here or visit

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