Things About Spray Tanning, Secret Harbour Tanners May Not Know

When beach season arrives, many of us want to get that summertime glow, and if you want to keep your skin safe, you are likely to opt for a spray tan. The right spray tan can create a bronzed look that will make your beach wear pop and give you a confidence boost. However, before you rush out for an appointment, there are some things about Spray Tanning you need to know.

Prep is the Most Vital Component:

If you want a long lasting, streak free tan, you need to put in a little work. If you show up for your appointment unprepared, you won’t get the the best from your tanning. Secret Harbour tan lovers need to understand that prep is the most vital component of a good tan. You should have a shower the day before a session and ensure that your skin is scrubbed and shaved. Flaky skin can cause even the best tanning products to streak or go patchy. Concentrate your scrubbing on the rougher areas of skin such as the elbows and knees. Also, leave your shaving until the end of your shower as the hair follicles will have softened.

You Shouldn’t Shower Just Before a Session:

It is quite natural to assume that a shower before a Secret Harbour tanning session would be okay. After all, you are going to be close to naked in front of someone, so you want to ensure that you feel fresh. Unfortunately, after a warm shower, the pores are larger, which can allow tanning solution to be drawn into the pores to create dark spots. As the pores return to their normal size, the tanning solution becomes trapped, which causes visible tanning marks. So, if you do feel like you need to shower before a tanning session, be sure you have at least four hours before your appointment.

No Cosmetics:

Another important factor in a streak free, even tan is not using cosmetics before your session. Avoid wearing makeup, deodorant or any other cosmetics. These products can create a barrier that prevents the tanning solution from being effective. In some cases, your cosmetics may interact with the solution to cause it to turn an odd colour, which will create a patchy look.

It Will Continue to Develop:

Many people find themselves battling for a different shade during their appointment. However, your tanning technician understands that your tan will continue to develop for as long as eight hours after the application. This means that it is important to choose a technician who understands the effect you are looking for to ensure that you are happy with the finished result.

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