#SpaceJammers Lets Play Contest

Gameplay with Commentary

To celebrate the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, which launches early October, we are offering you a chance to be a part of Space Jammers! All you have to do is record a Let’s Play video with commentary of the demo and submit it to our contest on Twitter with the hashtag #SpaceJammers

Demo link


Third place
 1x copy of the game (Steam Key)
 Help name a weapon in the game!

Second place
 1x copy of the game (Steam Key)
 Help design a weapon in the game!

First place
 4x copy of the game (Steam Key)
 Help design an enemy skin!

Judging Criteria

  • Entertainment Quality (commentary is mandatory)
  • Video Quality (720p minimum, good framerate) and Audio Quality
  • The amount of views and likes on your video help add points to your score, but carry less weight than the above categories


  • The contest starts on September 1st and runs until September 24th. Winners are chosen in October
  • Videos must be a recording of the latest public demo available (v0.375 as of now) and posted to YouTube/Twitter by the deadline
  • Your entry’s commentary must be in English (in order for me to judge)
  • A link to your video must be posted on Twitter with the #SpaceJammers hashtag to be eligible for judging in the contest
  • There is no limit to entry amount, but only your highest rated entry is considered for a prize


  • If you need assets (logos) or game description copy for your video follow this link to the game’s presskit.