Show and Tell with Spreaker’s New Embedded Player

Don’t just tell listeners your story, show it to them, too!

Simply put, podcasting is storytelling via an audio medium. Not so simply put, podcasting is storytelling delivered via a number of various elements that also includes artwork, branding, and listening tools.

Now, with Spreaker’s newest embedded player, the marriage of all those elements comes together in one place, that’s efficient for you, as a producer, and convenient for your listeners. You can tell your story, and show it, too, with a full display of your episode or podcast artwork front and center, as well as a complete listing of your past podcast episodes. You’ll also be able to customize its size and color, and get to please your listeners’ eyes as well as their ears.

Why should I use the embedded player, again?

While you definitely need a reliable place to host and measure your content, (like, ahem, Spreaker), you may still want to keep your branding, distribution, and listeners coming through your homebase. By embedding a player to your website or blog, you’ll still be able to depend on Spreaker’s hosting capabilities and track your plays, downloads, and likes through your Spreaker analytics, but all the important stuff is happening on your website.

We know you get it, and many of you have already embedded Spreaker’s player in your home pages in the past. To update the player to this new version, you can replace the old code with the new code into your website.

So how does it look?

High quality artwork is essential to your podcast; it’s a super important element that can convey your episode’s message or your podcast’s branding at just a glance. One look is all it takes to get listeners to tune in to what you have to say. (Need a refresher on how to create great artwork? Make a quick stop over here once you’ve finished reading this post).

And if you’ve worked hard on that artwork, then you of course you’ll want to show it off. Now, with Spreaker’s new player, listeners will see what you “look like” right away.

You’ll also have the extra benefit of adding appealing graphics to your page.

Prefer a more minimal approach to your embedded player? You can always choose not to display the the full photo.

Keep things matchy-matchy with the tone of your website choosing between the light and dark versions available.

Take your podcast to new heights

With the new embedded player, customization is key, and you have the freedom to make it look the way you want it to. Adjust the height by plugging in the pixel number of your choice.

In the screenshot we added above, you can see the player at 600 px, but you can go smaller if you’d like:

Give them access to your full catalog

Just as before, you can select a player dedicated to either a single episode or a podcast, it’s up to you. However, now, when you opt to embed a player dedicated to your show, you’ll also be adding a full listing of all its episodes, just under the play button. Listeners will be able to readily go back and forth from between what they want to listen to.

All the essentials are still there

While it might feel a little different at first, we haven’t removed any of the features that you’ve come to depend on. Listeners can still like episodes and click on the chat bubble when they’ve got something to say.

Even better, they can still share your content to their friends to their social networks — extra distribution in a pinch!

And to find their favorite moments at a snap, listeners can toggle the slider.

Ready to play show and tell? Give us your feedback!

Originally published at on October 10, 2016.

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