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Hmmn Ok not sure I share the mantra of Christians re Man, Christ. Devil and God.

I feel we create our own heaven and hell on earth and much of our time on earth is learning to navigate this tortuous path to find our true selves and life purpose.

As blessed as Christ was, he was still made of flesh and blood with all the failings and frailty of Man we all share in different measure.

Whether he died on the cross to save us from sin is debatable. What is not in question though is that history shows men who defied Rome or were deemed a threat to Rome and her dominions would be executed for high treason. Christ suffered this fate.

There is no question he was an extraordinary man with a great gift for healing and clairvoyance most likely acquired when he spent time with the Essenes.

I do share the view that God exists and do not require proof to know this to be true. I need only look around to know.

Equally I do not share or subscribe to the dogma and doctrine of any faith but own that Man has a right to honour his own faith and practice his own religion in private or public. Irrespective of whether this be Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish Catholic or Christian.

Our ability to choose how we honour the Almighty and his disciples is an inalienable right of all Mankind.

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