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I do not share Bannon’s view. I am happy to stick my neck out and say that China and the US will not go to war with each other. There will be tensions but the merits of capitalism are already widely benefiting China and its influence will spread eventually even into the far regions of China too. As that continues apace any threat will recede.

The biggest threat to World peace and stability will come from the Middle East where fanatacism has an ancient heritage.

The World NEEDS to ensure they protect, assure and contain Israel, otherwise hell will be unleashed.

The Middle East is the most treacherous tightrope any world leader must tread. Like walking a cheesewire whilst holding two hand grenades for balance.

For those times, the World will need and pray for strong leadership that demonstrates it is prepared to take tough decisions to safeguard the free world.

Steady hands and nerves of steel will be needed.

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