Letting Go, Why The Hell Should I?

Robert Doisneau The tug of the March field -1943

What does it really mean to let go?

How do you let go?

How do you let go of your anger, rage, sorrow and grief when it is the ballast that keeps you up, keeps you going when you want to just give up?

How do you end the torment around your own guilt, shame and self doubt that eclipse everything you do or try to do?

Letting Go is not an easy thing to do and when we glibly and blithely say it to others we do not know the story behind an individual’s anguish and pain.

Unexpressed trauma and torment they have endured from childhood through to adulthood or from adolescence to adulthood.

How do you tell someone who has been kept warm at night by their anger, hate and rage that they need to let go when all they thought they could trust has let them down, betrayed them utterly.

The truth is you can not tell someone to let go, they must do it for themselves. They need to want to do it themselves.

Wounded, damaged souls can not be pressured to do so by others.

The realisation that the individual needs to surrender their pain must be realised and intuited by the individual.

Discovery of that moment when we accept and desire to let go can only become manifest when the individual feels safe and that the time for disclosure is now.

Time, time, no more is it about when it is time. Time for transformation can only be felt. How does it feel for you.

When you do take that brave and courageous decision to Let Go, that moment of extraordinary courage is down to the individual feeling right.

When that moment is chosen, it is only right that those who wish to be considered healers are there on hand willing to assist when needed.

It is vital that healers are present, available to clients and others day or night, keeping a light of hope burning bright for those in need.

Censure not those who as yet, can not let go. For theirs is a lonely and bitter path that will only end when the individual wills it so.

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