In search of soul and the authentic voice

“The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible but there arriving she is sure of bliss and forever dwells in paradise.” Plato

Consider the soul journey. What does it really mean and where are we trying to get to or return to?

Some people have the word of destiny written all over their face, but what about the you and I?

Is our journey to soul the same each time we return to earth?

Are we here to become healers, teachers and philosophers, to change the vibrations of our own sphere of influence and grow this spirited healing movement?

Certainly, it seems that there is a growing awareness and appetite to change the entrenched behaviours and thinking of Man. But we can only do this if we change the behaviours within ourselves. These limiting behaviours mute the soul and bring despair, sorrow and misery to others.

We can not hope to do this in big majestic waves. That is for Divine Creation to determine and decide if they deem an individual soul is ready for such a journey of responsibility. For it is not a mantle anyone should consider taking lightly. Such a responsibility comes at great cost, bringing in its wake pain, hardship and trial for which few of us are ready or could endure.

For you and I , it is best that we take baby steps to reach the mountain peaks. In that rhythm we must continue slowly to the top. A peak that we will only reach when we have wings to fly. Once reached there will be another mountain peak to climb that disappears into the thick white clouds that envelop us and beckon us on. It matters not that this is infinite. It is the journey that matters. Taking the steps, small steps, we will bear witness to our own transformation.

For each individual the journey to transformation is as extraordinary as any others within the embryonic state of our existence. Our trials and challenges are unique to each of us and our ability to meet those challenges and transform are as remarkable as any others too. There is no need to compare or compete since each individual exists and thrives in their own power. That force for transformation is not measured against any others but only ourselves.

Worrying about what others have and have not will not make our situation change. Only our approach and will to generate positive creative energy will create movement and transformation. The time this takes is up to us and the length of time is immaterial. We have the freedom to choose to change and transform ourselves. Midas is as Midas does.

Our soul journey is to distill the essence of ourselves to a level of purity that blends us with the energy and healing purpose of Divine creation. The richness and purity of energy depends on our purpose and intent.

In our time upon this earth we have the freedom to choose the path we wish to follow. Once taken, the soul journey begins and we must learn to live with the choices we have made. Good or ill, to free ourselves from torment and unlock the hidden door to happiness and fulfillment. We must transmute those decisions and actions we have taken into an energy of knowing and acceptance. A knowing and acceptance that will enable us to heal ourselves and others.

Our soul journey is about returning to who we truly are. Returning to the best you and I, filled with hope, wonder, humility and joy of life. The pain we endure in life through our choices, the grief, heartbreak and disappointment will lessen as we release our bitterness, sorrow and regrets and learn to live within ourselves.

We all live the life we choose to live. In those choices we learn to live with ourselves and seize the opportunities that gives us life and frees our souls to sing, dance, play and laugh. Each of us has a well of joy. The quest is to find that well and drink copiously from it. The more we drink from the well, the more the well replenishes and is full.

Gladdening our hearts is a journey of great import. True it can be long and arduous but the journey awakens us and brings us ever closer to the Divine Creative force and our soul purpose on this earth.

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