Who among us has not rejoiced at the ball being knocked so high for a six during a cricket match? I am assuming all of us. But once batsman batted so hard the bat flew along with the ball and the match had to be stopped for some time. In a cricket-match it may seem like an amusing thing, but in the game of life (which isn’t so much a gentleman’s game) one should probably take care to not hit the ball so hard.

Metaphorically speaking — Nobody will stop playing games because you have lost the bat. So now that you have been snared with all that cricket-talk, you might be wondering what’s the point here? The point here is: To go beyond is as bad as falling short. Don’t play too hard. In most of the e-learning courses there is no set curriculum or guidelines and the huge number of courses available on just about any topic (not just the technical courses) means most people wouldn’t know when to stop. And it is very important to know when to stop when it comes to learning, or anything else for that matter, or there will be huge chances of burnout. In the current world people live more to impress others with skills and certifications under his/her belt) than to express themselves by showing enthusiasm in knowing a subject in-depth. Thus people often end up going beyond and burning themselves. We at SpringPeople access your learning requirement only after our “Training Advisory Experts” would have identified, analyzed and discussed with you, your area of interest and specialization (making sure your match never stops and you do not burnout). So talk to us, socialize with us and be the part of SpringPeople’s 150+ SME’s and 1Million+ successful alumni pool.

So, keep your focus on enjoying what you are learning, rather than being at the top of the class. For, if you focus on enjoying, you would definitely be at the top of the class, but the opposite is not necessarily true. Or, to bring the cricket metaphor back, if you set out to enjoy, you would definitely win the match, but if you set out to win the match you might not necessarily enjoy. Go beyond with SpringPeople & #BeTheExpert. We are here to take you beyond.

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