Level Up Your Products with Artfully Intelligent Design

You can’t read an article about AI today without hearing about the negative impact it will have on our design jobs. And it indeed will have an impact, but does Artificial Intelligence spell doom for designers? No doubt, the nature of our work is changing. AI makes it possible for machines to work around and alongside us, automating, augmenting and assisting our human interactions (think robots, self-driving cars and assistants like Amazon Echo). As designers of digital products, we must be aware of the shift that is occurring in the relationship between humans, machines and technology.

At Spring Studio, we see three main trends that are driving change in our relationship to technology: Data Ubiquity, Computing Power and Machine Intelligence. Once we understand how these trends are transforming design, we can stop worrying that AI will steal our jobs and become active participants in designing for the future.

Watch our video to get an understanding of these drivers and find out how we as designers can apply machine learning to create intelligent experiences. And if you’d like to join our emerging tech community, check out our SF Design and Emerging Tech Meetup. We hope to see you there!