When you’re passionate about a project, launching = time + caffeine.

But if your product doesn’t solve a real problem, all the code in the world won’t build a real business.

That’s why we started Camp.

Camp is an 8-week sprint of mentorship and product development to ship a side project, culminating in a hackathon-style weekend in Detroit.

For those accepted, our team and advisors validate your business model, interview potential customers, and help answer the most important question of all:

Why does this software need to exist?

Because your code will never tell you.

Apply to Camp.

Camp is an incubator turning side projects into profitable micro-businesses.

There were 300+ applicants for the inaugural Camp, which went down last month in Detroit.

Participating teams receive hands-on mentorship, business reimbursements, an all-expenses-paid weekend at Camp.

Following Camp, our in-house growth team (Sprinkle Labs) partners with Campers to bring their products to market.

But we can’t do it all by ourselves.

Introducing: the Camp mentorship program

Dubbed “Counselors,” Camp mentors get the opportunity to advise young founders on making their passion project a reality.

In addition to propelling the development of impressionable talent, Counselors are invited to recruitment, investment, and networking opportunities with Camp…

To reduce the cost of shipping your side project to zero.

Cost is time. Cost is money. Cost is forsaking other opportunities to focus on your project.

Building a side project is fun, informative and rewarding. But…

Unless you‘re unemployed, launching + growing a side project is a timesuck.

Jobs and school get in the way — leaving unused and unloved repos to collect dust on Github. Sound familiar?

Our goal with Camp is to give side projects a chance to grow into businesses, using only 20% time.

How do we make that happen?

If you work in technology, you’ve probably used Angel.co to apply for job opportunities or double-check how underpaid you are.

But what you may not know is that you can source jobs on AngelList without ever logging in.

In fact, you can get the best jobs, posted to AngelList, sent straight to your inbox. Not only does this save you time, but it also [almost] guarantees you’ll be the first person to apply.

How it works

  1. Make a free account on Zapier.

2. Connect your AngelList + Gmail accounts

3. Set up filters

Camp started as an experiment.

When 300+ developers applied for free flights to ‘a secret location’ (Detroit), it became real.

To evaluate which projects to accept, we enlisted Camp Counselors to help determine the final 5 teams of Campers.

After a month of pre-Camp group office hours, Camp kicked off last weekend in Detroit.

We stayed together at a loft building, ate meals family style, and hacked at Bizdom. One Camper compared it to a nerdy Real World:

This is the true story… of eight strangers… picked to live in a house…write code together and have their demos taped…

Here’s what happened…


If you send outbound email you probably experience an influx of autoresponders, bounced messages, and OOO alerts hitting your inbox following a blast.

That’s no fun, so we’ve open-sourced a few mail filters.

For anyone sending email via Google Apps, simply download these filters and import the file into your account (Settings > Filters > Import).

You’ll be able to review each filter before activating, so don’t go blaming us if your mom’s care package gets lost.

That’s all for now.



We started Sprinkle to help early stage startups get more users.

Now we’re hosting a series of hackathons. Actually we’re not.

We’re hosting Camp.

Camp is an all-expenses paid trip to build a side project, which the Sprinkle team takes to market.


  1. Camp applications are accepted on a quarterly basis.
  2. We invite 5–7 teams of developers to the program.
  3. For 6 weeks teams receive mentorship through a ‘homework’ process, refining their ideas and creating a go-to-market strategy.
  4. During the Camp weekend, Sprinkle helps teams finish v1.0.
  5. After Camp, Sprinkle Labs takes Camp products to market.

The Camp Thesis



We help founders grow and market their vision.

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