Want to Look at My Old Net Worth Spreadsheet?
Nicole Dieker

I haven’t done this with my net worth tracking sheet because it’s only been in existence since I got married roughly a year ago and (mostly) joined finances with my husband. I do occasionally pull up my student loan payoff tracking spreadsheet and feel a sense of accomplishment and growth. In addition to tracking my debt, I made fun little notes about what was going on with my life that affected the payoff plan, “Jean turns 26, starts new job, increases salary by $11K, begins double payments”, “WINDFALL: Gma unexpectedly gifts Jean $5K, throws $4K at loan and $1K at savings”, “Wedding season is OVER — make big payment if you can!”.

I remember how that spreadsheet was such a huge part of my life for years and then suddenly it just kind of faded away. I don’t think I’ll ever delete it because it represents such an important piece of my 20s!

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