Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

I’m trying to make January and February as low-spend as possible, so this weekend won’t be too crazy.

Today: PA Farm Show milkshakes ($10) and dinner with some girlfriends ($15)
Tomorrow: Going to work out in the morning, deep clean the house/do laundry, watch a lot of TV, and whip up breakfast and lunch from whatever I can find in the kitchen (all free and semi-productive activities!). In the evening, my company is having its holiday party, so that will also be free. 
Sunday: It’s my week to buy groceries ($45). Not entirely related to the estimate, but my BF and I have been alternating buying weekly groceries since moving in together and it is amazing to me how consistent our bill is. Like we always spend between $40 and $45 even though I switch up the meal plan every week.

Total: $70