Why I Stopped Banking With Wells Fargo
Hannah Thurman

Oh wow — this is timely. Last fall, I married a man who has been a long-time WF banker. We created a joint account in October with them and I had a bad experience unrelated to the scandals (the man who opened our account asked me why I didn’t change my last name to my husband’s and informed me that he would have never married his wife if she didn’t change her name! Should’ve known then that they wouldn’t be a good fit.)

Last week, I told my husband that I felt deeply uncomfortable banking with WF knowing all of their shady ongoings and I wanted us to change to either a local credit union or a larger bank with a better reputation of not taking advantage of people. He said that was fine, as long as I took on the annoying task of transferring everything to the new bank and relinking all of our bills/deposits/etc. So, thanks for writing this and I will definitely be looking into Charles Schwab!