Most Americans Can’t Afford A $500 Emergency
Megan Reynolds

Wow good timing! I found out this week that I’m probably going to hit my out-of-pocket health insurance max for the year in a couple of weeks thanks to a totally unexpected dental emergency (for the love of God, get your wisdom teeth removed! Also, might be a good pitch for The Billfold… “The Ridiculous and Unexpected Costs Associated with Getting an Infected Wisdom Tooth Extracted at Age 28”) I have a high deductible plan and some money in a Health Savings Account, but it’s still going to cost me around $6K upfront for the entire procedure.

Fortunately, I can shoulder this financial hit with minimal damage. I don’t think skipping on the occasional latte or brunch is what allowed me to get to this point. It was paying off my student loans and significantly increasing my salary/rate of saving over a 5 year period. Also I guess it was also timing and luck?? Like this very well could have happened 3 years ago and it would have been devastating and debt-inducing, but it’s happening now when I’m a financially-prepared Millennial.