Our 10 red hot tips on how to perfect your work-life balance

Stop wasting your time

We’re all guilty of wasting time in the office, be it discussing the latest episode of Game of Thrones around the water cooler, or taking a sneaky detour from that spreadsheet to your Facebook page. The thing is, all that time adds up, so if you limit these distractions then you’re more likely to get home early, where you can freely go to town on your social media surfing.

Get in shape

It may often seem impossible to fit in exercise after an exhausting day at work. However, science has repeatedly proven that if you overcome that initial reluctance and make use of that old gym membership you haven’t used since January, then you are on your way to some kick-ass superhuman benefits in the form of a boosted energy level and an increased ability to concentrate, which should help you make the most out of your day.

Don’t think that you’re above relaxing

When work really gets on top of you it might sometimes feel like the only option you have is to knuckle-down after hours with a multi-pack of Red Bull and pull an all nighter, which works great for maybe the first couple of hours or so. However, after that you are quite simply a car running on fumes, so don’t go kidding yourself into thinking that relaxation is only for closers. Sacrificing your downtime will only stunt your productivity, not increase it.

Put some downtime into your diary

If you are already in the habit of planning your working week, then an easy way to fortify your fragile workplace well-being is to book some personal time into that schedule. It could just be an hour or so, it doesn’t really matter, just as long as you have some regular time to spend with that family you’ve forgotten about or the friends you used to have.

Find the quickest route to work

Once you get into a daily regime it might feel like you have your A to B mastered, but that comfortable routine might be making your commute take longer than in should. In fact, you might find that a little experimentation in terms of the route or mode of transport you use could shave fifteen minutes off your commute, which in the long run could add up to a couple of days extra holiday if you do the maths.

Know when to step away from your emails

Emails can wait. It sounds simple, but for the polite and paranoid amongst it is a difficult idea to put into practice. Therefore, we highly recommend you kill that email window when the whistle blows, because if you’re really honest with yourself you’re likely find that most of what lands in your inbox after hours can wait until morning.

Don’t become a workplace lackey

It is easy to say ‘yes’ all the time at work, especially when you’re still trying to prove yourself as the new employee. This can often lead to you becoming the general dogsbody around the office, giving your colleagues the option to start piling their work on you. If this sounds like a familiar hell to you, then we highly recommend you add ‘no’ to your vocabulary, because at work being busy is healthy, but being overworked is not, and it is important that you and those around you know the difference.

Rethink how you tackle your chores

Do you often find there is no clear divide between work and home? After buying groceries, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house and cooking your dinner it might leave you wondering when you will ever have time to relax. However, this is what online-shopping and pizza delivery was invented for. It’s the digital age, people, make the most of it.

Keep your weekends work free

Weekdays and weekends might sound similar in writing, but it is important to keep them very different in practice. Even if your work demands you to work over Saturdays and Sundays, it is a good practice to keep at least one weekend every few weeks totally free of any commitments, so that you can enjoy the precious free time that you are owed as a functioning member of society.

Consider looking for a new job

So if you’ve made it this far and none of the sure-fire tips above have helped, do not despair. It might just be time for a change, be it your job or career, it is always important to remind yourself that work shouldn’t feel like a punishment, nor should it prevent you from having a work-life balance.

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