How SproutUp picks who to try Boosted Board from 296 requests (and tips on how you can call dibs)

Not sure how to request a free Boosted Board trial to begin with? Here’s how.

To some of you early adopters on SproutUp, placing requests for product trials is easy. Just browse around, make three clicks, and boom! You get an email one day and a product is delivered to your doorstep for tryout. Magic!!

Not exactly! Many of you (most perhaps) know that it isn’t. As SproutUp grows, more and more people want to get hands on the hottest products, and the wait just seems to take forever. As of now, we have 109 requests for RocketSkates (both R5 and R8), and 296 folks are in line to try Boosted Boards. And we’re expecting similar scenarios with those newly inducted drones, wearables, and GoPro Session.

SproutUp is different than other influencer marketing platforms. We actually get influencers curious and draw them in. Instead of treating product trial as a paid review gig, our trial users passionately opt in with a genuine interest in emerging tech.

After getting asked multiple times, we’ve noticed you want to know how SproutUp determines exactly who to pick for each product trial campaign. We do this through our machine learning algorithm along with human intelligence. What are the criteria? Let’s have a look.

  1. We check your influence on social media

It goes without saying that influence matters — # of followers or a famed individual. As a free product trial service, especially during Beta, we are looking to share limited trial opportunities with influential content creators so that we can best help products build awareness through Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or even Periscope.

That being said, we’re excited to roll out a feature that are much more focused on tech enthusiasts who aren’t necessarily influential content creators. It will allow these tech geeks to do certain activities on the platform and earn product trials. More updates to follow soon.

2. Your engagement matters

Yes, we scan your social interactions with your followers on your channel and social media. Do people tend to favorite, retweet or comment on your tweets? How many people like your Instagram posts or Youtube videos? Do they leave genuine and meaningful comments on your content that shows that they are influenced by you? To us, engagement trumps the size of your following and we encourage you to build a healthy, interactive community.

Interaction is key. So be sure to respond to followers and build up the dialogue.

3. Content quality is everything

Hands up if you’ve been inspired by a super creative, well-executed Youtube video! We want to create an awesome community with highly skilled, innovative content creators. They post dynamic youtube videos that tell amazing personal stories. They think of unique angles to cover their blog topics, and they post Instagram pictures that can convey personal feelings to inspire their followers. In a nutshell, the quality doesn’t necessarily have to be commercial grade but the content (dialogue/delivery/writeup) should be inspiring.

If you’re super excited to try a product and think you’ve got a special idea for your review, don’t hesitate to shout out, or mention in your reason to try and walk us through your plan.

4. You have a compelling reason

If you’re an expert in the field and knows exactly how to work the product, show us that by filling out the “reason to try the product” in a persuasive way. Write about why this product interests you in a particular way, what you have learned from similar products, and how you can give an unbiased review through the lens of a pro.

Don’t just say “I want it because I think it’s pretty cool!”. Be specific why you want to try out a product, and we can evaluate your alignment and interest in the product. Or is this something your followers are dying to see you talk about? Tell us that, too!

5. The more, the merrier

If you could get on multiple channels and show off your work, you’ll be guaranteed to attract much more diverse audience groups. Keep your favorite channel strong, and it’s also a good idea to branch out to multiple different media to strengthen your social presence. Get into channels like Periscope, Meerkat. We’d like to see you there!

We also want you to come back and keep trying, so your history on SproutUp matters in swinging our decision if there is a deadlock. We pick influencers who are active on the Buzz, share other influencers’ content on social media and provide active feedback to both creators and SproutUp. End of the day personal relationship matters too!

That’s it! You’ve now discovered what’s going on behind the scene. At SproutUp we strive to be a helpful and transparent community. In the near future, we’ll roll out new features that enable you to pick trial dates through a calendar and know exactly when you receive the products. You’ll also be able to find out your reach score and see how you stack up against the very top SproutUp influencers. Stay tuned!

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