Meet the 25 People You Want in Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

Comparing to regular users, influencers are way more effective in spreading brand messages. A study shows 82% of the consumers polled said they were highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a micro influencer. But you don’t always need an actual celebrity endorsement. For the sake of your ROI and keeping it real, you may want to focus on the more favorable alternative of non-celebrity influencer marketing.

We created a list of 25 of these powerful influencers that we’re stoked to recommend for your marketing campaign or pure bliss needs.

Tech 🔑s:

1/10 DetroitBorg: For a nylon band, that’s an in-depth review.

2/10 Vsauce: Now I’m curious…

3/10 JayzTwoCents: Gotta make time for gaming!

4/10 Lewis Hilsenteger: Need a real therapy to cure my unboxing addiction…

5/10 Austin Evans: He has fun snaps: austinnotduncan

6/10 Judner Aura: Gotta trust what your average consumer says.

7/10 Mark Watson: Another tech 🔑 Soldier Knows Best

8/10 Bernacules: Professional nerd.

9/10 MKBHD: The one.

10/10 Linus Sebastian: PC hardware unboxing & tips.

Boredom 🔑s:

1/10 Amymarie Gaertner: Good vibes.

2/10 Jessi Smiles: She does not make sense, in a lovely way :)

3/10 Josh Paler Lin: Craziest Asian prankster alive.

4/10 Lance210: Pranks, and more pranks

5/10 Thomas Sanders: More shenanigans on Snapchat: Thomas_Sanders

6/10 Devin super tramp: Super well-executed videos.

7/10 Nicholas Megalis: Musician, artist, and a self-diagnosed full-blown “idiot”.

8/10 Darius Benson: He has lots of random skills.

9/10 Crazy Russian Hacker: I’m living vicariously through this dude.

de10/10 Alx James: “Inventor of waterbugs”.

Fitness 🔑s:

1/5 Cassey Ho: Ooooooo 👀

2/5 Emily Skyefit.

3/5 Kymnonstop: Bike racer, NASM-certified personal trainer, and practitioner of “drunk yoga”.

4/5 Rachel Brethan.

5/5 Furious Pete: Eating challenges, motivational fitness and awesome culinary travel videos.