Even humorists seem to be in on this.
Larry Wolkow

“Those two migrant populations cant be compared !”

Yet that is exactly what a good number of people do when talking about Muslim immigrants here. Panic mongers look to the slums of Paris as typical Muslim communities and interpolate that here. Despite being huge differences in both proportion and also

Europeans don’t really have a good handle on immigration the way the US does. There is a lot of baggage to deal with over there that the US doesn’t have such as:

-National cultures tied to race, religion and ethnicity. The US implicitly acknowledges a heterogeneous culture, Europeans tend to complain about its existence.

-Colonial histories in the Muslim world

-Sane naturalization policies for 2nd+ generation immigrants

Its not like the US doesn’t have a history of taking in large numbers of destitute and uneducated immigrants and refugees. Or even dealing with huge upsurges in violent/organized crime that had occurred after doing so. Within a generation, those same groups become considered the mainstream and a new set of immigrants gets demonized.

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