10 Inanimate Objects That Could be A on Pretty Little Liars

The occasion has officially arrived, y’all. In tonight’s Season 5 finale, we supposedly find out who has been A on Pretty Little Liars this whole time. I use the word “supposedly” because as a devoted fan, I feel like we have been told we would find out the big A mystery before. So many tricks, so little time! Actually, it has been a lot of time. I am a 25 year old woman obsessed with a show about teen drama and murder. NO SHAME. In order to hold myself over until the finale airs, I have compiled a list of 20 inanimate objects that could be A on Pretty Little Liars. Do you agree? Tweet me @goldieharrison or @spylight tonight!

1. Caleb’s Long Hair — It magically disappeared… or did it.

2. Aria Montgomery’s Eyebrows — I just don’t trust them.

3. Spencer’s Mom’s Disapproving Scowl — It’s out to get everyone!

4. Hanna’s Mom’s Coffee Mug Collection — Always lurking, always watching.

5. Emily Field’s Hair — Definitely full of secrets.

6. The Color Orange — Sorry, girls, it needs everyone in jumpsuits.

7. Toby’s Truck — Sometimes ugly things do ugly murders.

8. Hanna Marin’s Partially Open Mouth — So close, yet so far apart.

9. Spencer Hasting’s Side-Eye — “I will cut right through you, bitches.”

10. Ezra Fitz’s Dumb But Handsome Robot Face — “I’m capable of everything except human emotion.”

Who or what do you think A is? I want to hear your theories!

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Originally published at blog.spylight.com on March 24, 2015.

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