Fashion from The Devil Wears Prada You’ll Sell Your Soul for

It has been almost ten years since we were blessed with The Devil Wears Prada.

I love this movie. To me, this isn’t just a superficial comedy that takes a satirical knife to the ins and outs of the fashion industry. It is also an incredibly relatable and relevant story about strength, leadership, and balance.

While Miranda is the obvious first choice for a “strong female lead” with her high powered job and take-no-prisoners attitude, the strength in Andy is incredibly human. Everyone has a moment, fresh out of college, when they feel a little lost. You have dreams, but are unsure of the path you need to take to get them and might end up having a thankless job.

Finding the strength to power through the hell that is “entry-level,” while knowing when to quit and move on is incredibly difficult.

While change is inevitable, it’s important not to lose your self, even when you’re tempted with Chanel.

Get the Look: The Many Looks of Andy Sachs

Fitted black sheath dress // Chanel Over Coat // Black Tights // Knee High Leather Boots // Black Leather Bag // Coco Chanel Pendant // Chandelier Earrings // Gold Bangles

White Wool Trench // White Newsboy Hat // Knit Gloves // White Leather Purse // Black T-Strap Heels

White Trim Chanel Blazer // Nude Blouse // Brown Tweed Skirt // Brown Leather Boots // Brown Tights // Leather Tote // Multi Chain Necklace // Pendant Earrings

Green Coat // Leopard Print Scarf // Michael Kors Leather Tote // Sunglasses // Gold Sequin Sandals // White Leather Gloves

Brown Leather Jacket // Black Turtleneck // Dark Wash Jeans // Brown Leather Wedge Boots // Leather Dome Tote // Pendant Necklace // Black Gem Stub Earrings

Green Shift Dress // Brown Leather Belt // Brown Wedge Sandals // Gold Triangle Pendant Earrings // Gold Triangle Pendant Necklace

Get the Look: Emily’s Office Look

Get the Look: Emily’s Banquet Outfit

Get the Look: Miranda’s Office Look

Get the Look: Miranda’s Banquet Look

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Originally published at on March 25, 2015.

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