Jane Krakowski: 30 Rock’s Jenna vs Kimmy Schmidt’s Jacqueline

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt aired in 2015, and 30 Rock in 2006, but the shows share more in common than just being tailor made for NBC (although Kimmy Schmidt did get pulled last minute just for Netflix.) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt seems like a zanier, peppier version of 30 Rock. And considering how great 30 Rock was, that’s perfectly alright.

Both have a similar sense of humor, larger than life characters, and ahem, Tina Fey — writers. Where Tina Fey’s concerned, Jane Krakowski seems to be, also, because both shows have Jane Krakowski, playing basically the same character across the board — with a few key differences, of course. Jacqueline Voorhees and Jenna Maroney are both self-centered, well-off, and afraid of growing old.

Rumor has it, Fey has a spot set aside on the show for Tracy Morgan, another 30 Rock star, as he continues to recover from his car accident in 2014. Maybe he will play a hilarious movie star with terrible judgement on Kimmy Schmidt, too. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Jenna Vs. Jacqueline

1. Jenna has this dog.

Jacqueline also has this dog.

2. Jenna is basically just an average white girl.

Jacqueline is actually pretending to be white, when she’s secretly Native American. And her pretending to be a white person makes her act basically just like Jenna.

3. Jenna is incredibly vain.

Jacqueline is incredibly vain.

4. Jenna uses Kenneth to do her unimportant, non-famous people things.

Jacqueline has Kimmy do her unimportant, non-rich people things.

5. Jenna is possibly the blondest person ever.

Jacqueline is probably the blondest Native American pretending to be a blonde person ever.

6. Jenna might have had some plastic surgery done.

Jacqueline might have had some plastic surgery done.

7. Jenna had a really really weird romantic relationship, which was still somehow okay for her character.

Jacqueline had a really really weird relationship with her husband involving their marriage counselor, which somehow made her character more likable.

Even though Jenna and Jacqueline might have several similarities, you keep doing you, Tina Fey, and writing Jane Krakowski characters. No matter what show they are on, they are hilarious, unbreakable, and rock.


Originally published at blog.spylight.com on March 25, 2015.

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