If you weren’t already on, it’s hard to get on these days. If you were already on, it’s very difficult to stay on. Why? Because people’s attention span is at an all time low due to the fact that there’s a larger variety of product and events to keep up with these days. As an artist, you’re under the pressure of having to keep a flow of work coming in consistently based off the fact that there are other artists waiting to take your place. Things were a lot different when people had to work really hard to get put on by outlets that are put in place to elevate an artists career to the next level. But now a days, if you feel like you’re an artist, simply post your “art” on a social media network and try to create a wave. At that point, it’s hit or miss. If you get the right wave, you’re now on and must find new creative ways to stay on. The ones who don’t work hard to perfect their craft then begin to struggle to the point where they navigate towards polluting the air waves with garbage just to stay on. Aside from the main primary purpose of social media which is for people to communicate with one another all over the world; the different media outlets were put in place to allow the business minds and artists to elevate our careers and cut the middle man out. As time went by, it stopped being about the art. It’s more of how well you’re able to catch people’s attentions and how long you can keep it. That’s why nakedness and negativity is the norm in today’s society and anything short of that is not appealing to the consumers. I love different forms of art and I am a firm believer that things will be back to normal one day. And if this is where the world is headed where the fakes have control of the masses, I am an advocate for change. All in all, be good to people and the rest will fall in place.

Peace and love always,