I don’t want to breeze through the life.

I want to roller-skate backwards through it while holding a boombox above my head blasting “The Safety Dance” by Men In Hats.

I want to fall down early and often and in public.

I want to scrape my arms and bloody my knees.

Because the pain will make me stronger.

Because the experience will make me better.

Eventually I want to find a rollerskating partner.

And we will lock arms and twirl in circles together.

And we will fall.

Because skating is tough and I barely know how to do it on my own.

But we will help each other back up.

And realize how wonderful it is to no longer fall on our own.

And we will make more roller skaters with whom we can share this feeling.

And we will skate across the world.

And when the time comes to hang up our skates.

And it is always sooner than we think.

We can take comfort in the fact that we did not breeze through life.