There’s a lonely middle aged man, that much I can say. Jakob is his name, he has lost something particularly dear to him. It’s hard for Jakob to put his finger on what it is, for he has forgotten what it once was. The confusion caused by the absence is bothering Jakob. His daytime is whipped by the desolation like a slave, and anxiety deprives Jakob from his sleep as if it was his night time lover. All Jakob ever wanted for himself was to figure out how to ridden himself from his burden; but no matter where he seeks his answers, there’s none to find.

Soon Jakob stood alone on the empty road. The night was cold, Jakob was 34, and he had just about decided to give up on his hope for a brighter future. He knew that if he stood on that spot long enough, some form of opportunity would open up for him. An hour went by, Jakob was drenched in the rain, and the road remained unoccupied. Jakob realized in that moment that no matter how hopeless you may find yourself, it can always get worse. Jakob’s suitcase was drenched, his suit was torn, his life was done crumbling, and his tears were done falling.

No one would imagine that a poor looking man such as Jakob was wealthy enough to provide for several families for a lifetime, but someone proved able to imagine that he had a good heart. A strange woman in a drenched dress, standing on the opposite side of the road, she had found Jakob attractive. Jakob found it hard to peel his mind from the woman as well. Their hearts played a melody of a very private matter. Two strangers on the opposite side of an empty road, both in complete misery, together creating the long awaited answer.