Mental Health Sharing & Such

Since the whole #WorldMentalHealthDay thing seems to be inspiring people to share stories and experiences in order to kinda raise awareness etc, I figured I’d pitch in.

So I’ve been bi-polar for longer than I can remember, it’s pretty bad, I tend to have to go on top dosage or occasionally exceed it if I go down the drug route. I don’t however as the side-effects from higher doses tend to be worse than the condition itself in some ways. That’s a personal experience though and certainly not necessarily the case for anyone else deciding to take that trip to the GP.

Along with this, I’m incredibly socially anxious, not that most people tend to suspect that. The only reason I appear not to be is because I continually force myself into coping situations to ensure I do things. I arrange appointments, parties, mixers, meetings, whatever to force myself into action. From there, it’s baby steps (get ready to go, get on the train, shake hands, follow a fairly formulaic greeting process, do the thing that I’m there to do). It takes a LOT of determination to do this and isn’t for everyone as it’s equally easy to become overwhelmed.

Not sure if that helps anyone, but there it is. As ever, if anyone needs help around any aspect of mental health, I am at your beck and call. I will drop anything I’m doing to help you if you need it. By you, I mean anyone. Whether you’re a close friend or a complete stranger, I don’t care, I will make the time and do whatever I can. Stay strong.