Ways To Move On From #SupportSmallStreamers — Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

Alrighty then. So, the main criticism I drew from the previous article was that I didn’t provide enough solutions. Cool, I agree. The main reason for this is… that shit’s hard. Each channel is going to have different things to offer and different needs.

That said, that’s no excuse not to try. So please find below some really enormously wide sweeping options and methods to try. They’re going to be basic and fast-and-dirty but honestly I’m in the process of writing a full-blown course on this. Scumbag alert: This will be available via a neat company called LVLUpDojo and it’ll be paid content. I love to help folks out and if you message me I probably will but I’m trying to turn years of experience into rent money. Yes, I’m aware of how much of a dick that makes me or something.


Be Unique — Dear god I can’t express the worth of this enough. There’s a lot of talented folks out there and you need to stand out in some way, shape or form. Be that via your personality, your gameplay, a gimmick (although those can be rough to keep up & fresh), a cool setup, whatever.

This is probably key thing I was trying to get across the first time out. If you are in a niche, hashtag like crazy if it feels useful. Things like #SupportSmallStreamers are extremely generic. There is no ‘average’ small streamer. Size of channel is almost irrelevant in regards to what content it’ll provide. Yes, it’ll have a smaller community but other than that it could be 240p with the sound of a pneumatic drill where a microphone should be or it could be the best content on the platform. That hashtag doesn’t define it for me.

What would make me click in is if you told me you’re going to tell dad jokes all evening. Every new follower you paint their portrait in Paint. You’re going to do your playthrough blindfolded. You’re going to be eating a burrito. Whatever. Give someone a reason to click in. I’ve saved you 22 characters in your tweet, use them to provide a reason!

Network, but actually network — Networking isn’t following someone. Networking isn’t even RTing someone. Networking is genuine, honest interactions between people. Talk to people, make dumb jokes, tell them how cool their day was, start conversation topics, reach out to folks in need and try to help. Talk. To. Humans.

A great example of this? Take a flick through @tinypixxels’ feed on Twitter. Every so often, she’ll pop up a question about people’s days or what they’re doing. Look at the responses. Those are genuine, honest interactions with people. That is networking and networking damned smartly. Combining something nice (having a chat with neat people) with actually building connections is perfect.

Things that are the direct opposite of this: Automating stuff with Crowdfire or similar auto-messaging services. Dear fucking christ do not do this. This is a grade A way demonstrating you care so little about interacting you’ve decided to get a program to do it for you. Please, please, please don’t do this.

Belong to actually belong — Find a community or set of friends or stream team that you connect with. Stream teams aren’t mandatory. They can help but they aren’t a requirement. What DOES help is being around people who value the same things you do. People who have the same vision of where they want to go and want to be.

Communities should support each other mutually and not just because they’re getting something specific in return (follows/hosts/whatever). Communities should be together because they want to be together. While it’s fantastic to get something from your community, the thing you should be aiming for is mutual connection. Networking on steroids if you will.

I run a big-ass wide-open stream team that offers little to it’s users. Guess who sees real and genuine support. The people who get involved with each other, hang out on the Discord and become friends with each other. The follows and views come from that kind of interaction sure, but they are a side-effect not the end-game. Carry yourself in that fashion and you’ll get further. All you need to do is tweak your mindset down a touch.

So there’s some basic bitch starter steps to move away from ineffectual hashtagging and to start shaping your brand. Sorry it’s not complete or in-depth but this would take a lot more articles to begin delving into. Feel free to tweet me for direct advice and I’ll do what I can (within reason, I’m but one person with a pretty packed schedule) but that’s my lot until I’ve gotten this course put in place.