An Important Life Lesson From Our Dog - Never Give Up!

Coco, our bundle of joy and love has taught us many lessons, but this one changed ours and his life for good.

It all started on the day when we first saw Coco outside Pranav’s (my husband) house, where a female dog who came from nowhere gave birth to four cute pups. Coco had to soon part ways with his three brothers, because they found their forever home.

He was left alone to fend for himself. He was a shy, yet happy streety living with other dogs and his mother outside our house. But things took a bad turn when one day my family found Coco outside our gate, sitting in a pool of blood, howling in pain.

Since I was at work , I asked my mother to call Friendicoes (a local animal rescue organisation) for the help. They picked Coco immediately, but forgot to give the I.D. tag, which would have helped us to find him at the shelter. However; we still went to Friendicoes in the hope of finding Coco. It took us a little while, but we managed to find the pup they picked from our area.

Coco- Then

A scared pup, with a huge bandage on his right leg. He was in pain and extremely scared, but there was something about him turned our world upside-down. No words exchanged, yet we made a pact with him that we will try, till he is trying.

Vet checked his wounded leg, which had multiple fractures. We were given two choices, cut the wounded limb and leave him amputated back on streets (the easy way), or come everyday for daily dressing and medication (the hard way).

This silent pact was already made between us and Coco, without thinking twice, we chose the way he wanted us to. We got him home with us, but he was so scared that he wouldn’t let anyone come close to him.

We knew it won’t be easy, but what we didn’t know is that it’ll be more difficult for Coco than anyone else. Because of the trauma, shock & pain, he gave up on food and water completely. He’d howl the entire night in pain and not sleep. We don’t even remember it took us how many nights of trying to get him to start sipping water. Despite all this, he had the same look on his face we saw the day we saw him at the shelter the first time

Every time we tried getting close to him to pet him, he’d run away. But one day, he saw Pranav and started wagging his tail. That moment brought us more learning than joy. It was that wagging of his tail that taught us the most important Life Lesson - NEVER GIVE UP!

He was determined to fight against all the odds. We did not give up either, because he didn’t stop believing. As they say, you only fail when you stop trying.

Coco- Now

Today, he is our family, and life without him now seems incomplete. He is a happy, jumpy pup now and every day, we look forward to learning new life lessons from him.

Many shades of Coco- with Pranav