Your pet needs a mattress change

As a pet parent you know it’s the hardest thing to see your pet age. With age comes severe bone-joint aches and pains. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop this natural process; but you can now comfort them with a good mattress.

Why a mattress change you ask? Well, think about the last time when you went on an expedition and had to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. The one that made you wake up all sore, stiff and groggy. Now think about your ageing dog, who is dependant on you for everything. And as a pet parent, it’s your foremost duty to give them the right memory foam/orthopaedic bed.

You probably didn’t know that when we sleep, our bones come in the way. It’s the same with our pets. So, get them the right orthopaedic bed - one that relieves the trauma. A bed that provides extra comfort and support to the joints of your pet when s/he is lying down.

However; Orthopaedic beds are not just for senior or ailing dogs; they’re perfect for dogs of any age and breed.

Aastha, the founder of Stars and Snowflakes says that “Young dogs should especially be started on a memory foam bed so that their joints health remains good as they age. We all know dogs age faster than humans; hence a memory foam bed is the best for young dogs and puppies.

Star, from Stars and Snowflakes — on his Memory Foam Bed

A memory foam mattress will provide maximum comfort to your dog without straining his/her back. Heads Up For Tails makes orthopaedic beds featuring multi-layer mattress with a firm layer at the core and a plush layer at the top. The core of their mattress is made from shredded pieces of foam to form a single solid piece of foam with high density. Their Orthopaedic Beds ensure a proper back support and self-adjustment to adapt to the anatomical shape of your dog’s spine.

Sara lounging on her Orthopaedic Bed from Heads Up For Tails

Orthopaedic beds and mats at Stars and Snowflakes by Aastha are covered with a waterproof material, so you only need to wash the upper cotton canvas cover. The ones at Heads Up For Tails come with a washable cover, and a cushion to keep your dog relaxed and rested better.

Both Stars & Snowflakes by Aastha and Heads Up For Tails, do customizations too. So if you have a particular pattern, length, height and area in mind, they can stitch together a special Orthopaedic Bed for your pet.

Give the comfort of the right bed to your pet today! :)

Place your order on Head Up For Tails from their website: or call/message/whatsapp to them at +919717175707

For Stars & Snowflakes by Aastha, you can place an order on their Facebook page, here: or via whatsapp: +919810109737