Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Friday: Bought Lunch, $12. Partner only had a half day, he went to the grocery before we met for the gym, $60. We made dinner and then had a friend over for late drinks, she brought amazing champagne to celebrate partner’s last day of being a teacher (maybe forever, maybe for now). But 7 years! an amazingly long amount of time. I appreciate her and her ability to celebrate us when we’re not so good at celebrating ourselves.

Saturday: I made us some fast breakfast before partner’s rehearsal, $0. I dropped partner off, went to costco $35 (YES thirty five dollars I don’t know how it happened either). Then stopped by the grocery on the way to pick him up, $10 for ice cream to take to my folks’ house and some tortillas for the house as Whole Foods has terrible tortillas and that’s where my partner went yesterday. Picked up partner, we were both hangry, got good korean with terrible service, $30. Went to parents house for dinner, was about as good as can be expected.

Sunday: Housewarming for SIL and her family, delightful! Brought the croissants and did my best to meet my new in-laws (this was the first meeting of the families). Had a great time. We had a weird amount of time to kill, stopped at new-to-us-brewery on the way back to town, $10 of really good beer, HOORAY Fiction Brewing. Partner had rehearsal, I worked from home for a bit. Grabbed partner, grabbed a small amount of overpriced gas $5, went to friend’s house to watch the sportsball and we made brunch for dinner out of the aforementioned groceries.

Total: $132

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