Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friday! First day at summer/past summer gig #2, hence very late estimation (although, it’s only 2pm here in PDT)

Friday: I’ve got to go to the grocery to prepare for camping this weekend, let’s say $50 (we’re providing dinner on Saturday, they’re doing breakfast on Sunday- we’re only going for the night and crashing their weekend-long trip). I’ll probably also pick up some beer etc, $40

Saturday: Prep food, prep car, get packed, go pick up partner from work to go camping. Probably will need gas, let’s say $50 because canada problems. Then camping, hopefully not too rainy

Sunday: Coming back from camping, let’s assume $20 in grabbing-lunch. Need to skype with partner’s parents, I’ll call my mom at some point. We might go to a friend’s gig? If so, $30 for tickets to that. I’m assuming we won’t cook, but we have some leftovers in the freezer… betting we’ll get a pizza instead, $16. Thankfully we both have Monday off, so no worries about getting ready for the week this day as well

Total: $206ish for a lot of camping prep and a lot of friend time!