Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friends. Things are… unsettled here. All of your kind thoughts are much appreciated. I have a difficult relationship with my mother (she’s an alcoholic gemini, I’m a type-a virgo), and yesterday we learned that she has cancer. No other information yet, she’s going to the dr today, but… yes. Thank you all, billfold community.

Friday: Working, might go get hh with some friends if I am feeling up to it, $20.

Saturday: Both partner and I are working, I *might* be going to seattle to deal with car things, but…. I also might just put it off and say I don’t have the energy. (I’m WFH this day, so with bus time/before and after driving time, working can still happen if my energy is there). Let’s say $80 in who knows, either in Seattle costs/emissions test, or something else.

Sunday: Only day off this week, $100?

Estimate: $200 in complete and utter I-have-no-idea.

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