Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Happy Friday! Today I am working a half day, and then getting the car washed ($13) and picking up a friend to drive to Colorado Springs ($15 in gas). Our partners are at a conference there and we are crashing. Conference is at an ULTRA FANCY hotel, so let’s assume $20 for a beer and a snack when we get there. Dinner reservations tonight, let’s guess $150 for the two of us.

Saturday: we’ll grab some sort of brunch, $40. Head back to Denver with partner, should have enough gas to get back. Need to do laundry ($0) and get some groceries, $40.

Sunday: I am interested in chilling at the house all day, we’ll see if partner is into it. We’re making cassoulet, so we’ll need to be here for at least a good chunk. Let’s say $40 for randomness.

Total: $320, because fancy hotels are pricey.