Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Happy Friday! This is my last work-less Friday for a long time, and I’m super happy about both of those things. Partner is working all weekend, so this will hopefully result in a pretty low-spend situation.

Friday: House cleaning, knitting, reading for me while partner is at work. He gets home late, we’ll have tofu/veggie rice bowls, all the ingredients are at home already. We were supposed to have this dinner yesterday, so we even already have wine! $0.

Saturday: I’m getting coffee in the morning with a friend to return her mug she left at her former workplace/my current workplace and catch up- let’s say $20 becuase it will probably include breakfast/brunch. Getting a few growlers filled, $20. Then after partner is off, we’re having a friend over who wants to learn how to brew beer, $0 for bottling the beer that’s done fermenting. $20 in pizza ingredients.

Sunday: Might go out for brunch, $60 if we do, $20 if we eat at home and just lay low. Partner is working closing shift, we’ll probably go get a drink when he’s done, $30 for late night snacks.

Total: $150 for two people- let’s hope it comes in at that or lower! So excited to have a veery calm weekend. (Typo’d that very to have two e’s, but seems appropriate, so leaving it)

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