Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

Happy January everyone, and may your post-holiday weekends be frugal and fun.

Friday: Need to stop for a few things for dinner on the way home, $20 (for dinner tonight and stuff for crockpot chicken chili a la smitten kitchen for Saturday). Partner has to work late, we’ll probably just chill in the house, $0.

Saturday: Partner works all day, $40 for him to buy his kids lunch (Citywide Honor Orchestra!), +$$ on next paycheck, but that doesn’t count for this weekend. I’ll work on grad school applications all day, $10 for coffeeshop space so I don’t get distracted in my own home. $50 for groceries for the week. $20 for orchestra-is-done happy hour?

Sunday: Might go to the National Western Stock Show, $30 for admission, $20 for snacks/beers while we wander around and see the animals! And the weird vendors!

Total: $190, I hope we can keep it here- trying to recover from spending ALL THE MONEY last weekend at target and the grocery recovering from the depletion of the holidays. Oh, and we’re going on vacation next weekend, so need to save for that.

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