Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Happy Weekend!

Friday: Partner is getting a haircut $30, I will coffeeshop and get some work done $30 (we also need coffee beans at home). Making pizza at home for dinner because where is good pizza Vancouver?, probably will go to pub night with some of my cohort since it’s walking distance from my house: $30 for beers for partner and I.

Saturday: Pretty low-spend, maybe $10 in random groceries, mostly schoolwork for me and blog-stuff for partner.

Sunday: Headed to the Island! (Victoria, BC). $80 in transport there/back, hoping to keep it around $100 for a hotel, $100 for a nice dinner/general eats on this day?

Monday: (Since we’ll wake up in Victoria)- Get up, bum around for a while, $40 in misc. expenses, head back to Vancouver (travel estimate in from yesterday)

Weekend of work and island adventure: $420 estimate.

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