Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Hello Billfold!

We are in Vancouver, desperately hunting for an apartment. Vancouver Billfolders that have emailed me in the past, I will be sending you emails in the next few days to see if anyone wants coffee/a beer? So excited to be in the new city!


Friday: Coffee somewhere on campus after picking up my UBC card and some library time: $6. Making fajitas at home while watching the beginning of the Olympic opening ceremonies: $0. Going out in Kits probably this eve, $40.

Saturday: At least one apartment viewing, $0. Dinner at friends’ house (Someone else from Denver that partner used to work with moved to Vancouver on the SAME DAY), Beer that we already purchased.

Sunday: At least one apartment viewing, $0.

In general: A few loads of laundry, $4, and we need gas in the car, $30.

Total: about $100, but hopefully many many dollars for an apartment.

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