Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

This weekend was not what I expected, but was good indeed.

Friday we went to grab a few beers- was feeling caged in by only working and sleeping, $30.

Saturday we got brunch $20. Went to the new location of a game store (old location was impossible to get to), it is AWESOME, bought the two-player card version of Catan, $25. Saw that there’s a new local liquor store across the street, with an ultra cool jukebox (free!), $25 for fancy things and supporting neighbors. Went to see a friend’s new apartment, $15 for box o wine and $10 for salad ingredients (including really good cheese).

Sunday we ate at home and lazed about- $0. Partner had rehearsal, I went to return a bunch of clothes that were ordered online that were TERRIBLE FIT and questionable colors, +$135. Bought some tank tops and the new essie gel topcoat (thus far I’m impressed!) for $45. Went to grab snacks (we forgot that light brunch does not, in fact, equal both breakfast and lunch when you’re staring at 4pm), $20. Ate dinner at home, listened to a lot of “Ask Me Another.

Estimated: $60

Total: $95, not too shabby!

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