Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Today: Getting the last hour on my tattoo, $150 but from a different budget line item. Will probably go out for dinner with partner because neither of us will want to cook and very good tacos are down the street, $15. House cleaning and organizing, $0

Saturday: Partner has a bunch of music stuff in the morning, I will read about Vancouver and try to spreadsheet some of our lives. A friend who is in town from Pittsburgh will be staying with us from this Saturday to next Saturday, I will try to stock the fridge with foods we will all eat (she’s veggie), $50. Might meet up with a group we haven’t seen in forever for drinks, if so, $60.

Sunday: Brunch at our house maybe? $20 for supplies. Group of friends from Saturday are having a BBQ (They so sweetly organized a 2 day get together thing since we’ve all not gotten together in MONTHS) and we will go to that, $10 for some beers and $15 for some grilling meats to share.

Total: $170, let’s round to an even $200. (not including tattoo!)