Important links to join SQUID SQUADS decentralised community

The squid project team has withdrawn and now has full community autonomy.

We have become a global hot spot, and just like the original SHIB, we have gained global exposure.

At $2800, there is still room for a 50000-fold increase from its peak.

Our participants spontaneously formed a community, and more and more people with common understanding joined us. We should all take action and work together to send squid to the moon.

First tasks for the community:

1) Follow us on Twitter
Twitter 1:
Twitter 2:

2) join our telegram groups
English Telegram :

Chinese Telegraph :

Indonesian Telegram :

Turkish Telegram :

Vietnamese Telegram :

Pakistani Telegram:

Persian Telegram1:
Persian Telegram2:

3) Shill $SQUID everywhere and share our Twitter and telegram groups



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