The Testing Tool Spreadsheet (Needs You)

I have a love/hate relationship with testing tools. I feel it’s important to have a big toolbox full of tools so you are prepared to tackle a variety of testing challenges. It’s also just fun to play with new tools and see what they help you discover. I get concerned when testers and organizations are more focused on the tools themselves rather than the problems or goals those tools are suppose to help with. Tools shouldn’t drive what you do, they should support what you do.

The Toolbox

In the interest of expanding my knowledge of testing tools I wanted to put a list together. I was going to just tweet and ask people about some of their favorite testing tools but Twitter threading can be difficult and information can get lost. So I thought it would be interesting to just start a public spreadsheet as a bit of an experiment. It might not work out but I thought it would be interesting to see what a crowd sourced tool list would look like. Ideally it would be a good reference for the testing community but we’ll see how it goes.

***Click here for the spreadsheet***

Notes about this spreadsheet:

  • Feel free to add your favorite tools and any information you would like, all info welcome
  • This spreadsheet is totally public with no security at all so please be careful with the information you add
  • Remember that since this is totally public anyone can add or edit information so keep that in mind when reviewing the list

So, what’s your favorite testing tools?