We’re not enemies, we just disagree

So sang The Stokes Julian Casablancas on the title track of their first album.

Truth is these days that it rarely stops there. If you’re not with me, then you’re against me. The argument has to be settled, there has to be a victor and those on the losing side then dissect every last action to root out those who are to blame.

Our world isn’t ever as cut and dried as this. The machinations over the centuries of men who sought control has ensured that our society is so complex and so littered with contradiction that everyone can now pin their own “truth” flag to the mast.

So we divide and those divisions make us easier to control.

The problem with this comes when somebody or something comes along with their own agenda on how to impose their “truth”. The Governments of the so-called “free world” then have to rebadge it, to unify it under one banner, to create an enemy that all the disparate societal factions that they have worked so hard to create can be unified against.

I haven’t the faintest notion how we solve this. We have spent so long shaking the pieces of the jigsaw and to make matters worse, we’ve thrown away the box.

Nobody can know what it looks like, it’s never been perfect, but wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air if nations and groups were able to debate, discuss and compromise? In a multiverse somewhere I’m hoping this is happening and my guess is that if that were the case then the leading gender in that society would be female.

In my experience, women are better equipped to do this. I believe they express themselves better, listen more intently and have a greater degree of empathy than probably most men and certainly most politicians.

So these are my thoughts for a Sunday evening, perhaps if I had the courage to share them somebody would engage me in a debate over the validity of my views and by reason and careful, persuasive counters convince me of something else…….ok, probably not

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